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Apparently Even Jesus Was Mad About My Bunless Hotdog Joke



Newburyportnews - As I write this article, I am filled with anger. A disabled boy I know from Christian camp was recently portrayed in a compromising pose on the website of a popular Boston sports entertainment website, supposedly for a good laugh. I joined with other friends of the family to seek justice, or at least an apology. I asked myself, why am I so enraged by this since I don’t even know the family all that well? The only answer I could come up with is Jesus was also enraged.

Well there you have it. I mean I’ve been sitting here like an asshole trying to figure out why #savagegate turned into such a huge story the last couple days. Why all these people who don’t read Barstool, never saw the post, who don’t know the kid are telling me I should kill myself. Why me apologizing to the family for something that was clearly an innocent mistake isn’t enough for them. Why Fox 25 felt compelled to do a story on it. Why there is so much righteous indignation over a harmless joke that had nothing to do with kid in the picture. Well the answer was right under my nose. This lady nailed it. Jesus was pissed. Can’t argue with that. You fuck with Jesus you get the horns. Jesus would have known that kid has Cerebral Palsy before he posted that picture. Jesus would have known you can’t make fun of a dude eating a bunless hotdog. Jesus never would have blogged it. Jesus>Common Sense. Game, set, match Jesus.

PS – One interesting thing about this entire fiasco is that if that if all these people didn’t freak out the kid never would have even known the blog was written I the first place. It was literally up and down in 40 minutes. He was still at the game when it happened. Nobody texted him. Nobody called him. He had no idea.  The only reason it became a story is because the same people who are saying there needs to be accountability on social media are using social media to keep it in the headlines. I was as accountable as you can be. I deleted it and apologized. If it ended there all these people who are so protective of Sean would have actually protected him from ever knowing it happened. Whatever. I guess Jesus always has a plan.