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KFC Woke Up, Took a Look Around, And Decided It Was Best For Business To Bring Back the Double Down


USA Today – Back in 2010 it was hard to escape news of the KFC Double Down. From The Colbert Report to YouTube to USA TODAY, consumers were endlessly intrigued by a bacon ‘n’ cheese sandwich that used two fried chicken filets instead of a bun. For those who didn’t get to sample the meaty menu item, KFC is offering one more chance: Starting April 21, the Double Down will return to the fast-food chain. You heard it here first. Once again, the sandwich will be available for a limited time. I hear KFC has a social media campaign up its sleeve that includes a nationwide “Double Down Dare” (oh, my). For details, keep an eye on and @kfc.

I can’t imagine being KFC right now. Everywhere they look, they are being beaten into a pulp. Chickfila isn’t open on Sundays and they make more money than KFC. Taco Bell has basically re-created the entire idea of food in the last year, and are launching a new Locos Taco next month. So what is KFC to do? Bring back the only thing that has EVER generated them any sort of buzz. The fried chicken, bacon, and cheese sandwich, sans bread. However, I think it’s too little, too late. This isn’t anything new. We’ve seen it before. And really, it didn’t make my mouth cum all that much. I’m not doing jumping jacks over here in anticipation for it. What Kentucky Fried Chicken needs is to regroup, refresh, and start over. What was the last truly original thing they did? The Famous Bowl? They are fading into being obsolete. They are like the washed up QB playing out his last years on the Cardinals. People remember the good ol’ days, but when it comes down to it, would rather watch the new sillies instead of the has beens. And Kentucky Fried Chicken, you, as of right now, are a has been.