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There's Nobody Happier Tonight Than Joe Kelly's Son Knox, Whose Favorite Baseball Team Is Mookie Betts

Yeah, there's no sugarcoating this. This fucking sucks. I blogged my reaction to Mookie Betts being traded here in case you missed it. It's 1am on the east coast, and I'm over here watching Mookie Betts highlights on YouTube with half a tin in my face. I'm sad. Dance on my grave if you wish. I did plenty of dancing in 2018, the year Betts was named MVP and the Red Sox won 119 games en route to a World Series title, the most dominant team in franchise history. For that, I'll take my medicine and eat these bullets. It was all worth it.

There is one person I am happy for in all of this, though. That's Joe Kelly's son, Knox. When Kelly signed with the Dodgers after the 2018 season, the righty reliever showed up to spring training in 2019 and Knox stole the show in spring training. When manager Dave Roberts introduced Knox to the clubhouse, he asked him who Knox's favorite baseball team was. Knox said Mookie Betts. Now Knox's dad plays for his favorite team again. That's pretty damn cool.

While I'm happy for Knox, I'm gonna go back to being sad for a little bit. Knowing that it was coming certainly hasn't made the acceptance part of this any easier. Damn.