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Breaking News: NESN Puts Jenny Dell In Timeout For Dating Will Middlebrooks By Removing Her From Red Sox Telecasts




BOOOOO!!!!!  HISSSSSS!!!!!   BOOOOOOO!!!!  This is TOTAL bullshit.    Total fucking bullshit.  Who cares that Jenny Dell is dating Will Middlebrooks?  She’s not Walter Cronkite.  She wasn’t exactly doing hard hitting interviews.  Her relationship with Will didn’t effect her job performance.   This is garbage.  She was the perfect person for this gig.   Everybody loved her.   So why remove her for something as dumb as this?  What purpose does it serve?  People date in their offices all the time.   It’s so hypocritical of NESN to hire strictly on looks and then get mad when their is an attraction between the hottest women in the world and the most eligible men in the world.   It’s bound to happen. Grow up.  Nobody watching the Red Sox gives a fuck.  We just want to have somebody who is blazing hot, genuinely down to earth and local.   Boom Boom fit all those criteria.  Shame on NESN.    And spare me the part about putting her on NESN Sports Today.   The handwriting is on the wall. Somebody as talented as she is isn’t going to waste away on NESN Sports Today.  Nobody watches that shit.    Clearly it’s only a matter of time till Boom Boom leaves and that sucks for all of us.   I hope she becomes a National sensation and it blows up in NESN’s face for them being so shortsighted.

PS – I’d hate to be whoever replaces her.  Talk about replacing a legend.  The only person who would stand a chance is Molly McGrath.  Molly McGrath or bust now.

Double PS – Do I need to make “Free Boom Boom” shirts?