Introducing Draftstreet’s Free Superbowl Contest: $10K In Prizes Plus First 100 Finishers Get Free Barstool Hoodie


(1st 100 places get a free Hoodie.  (Street Value 45 bucks a pop)


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It’s with great fanfare and pleasure that we are welcoming back Draftstreet into the mix. For all you veteran Stoolies out there you probably remember that Draftstreet was the first 1 day fantasy company that we worked with. They basically invented the game. Well we just locked up a new 2 year deal with these guys and it starts Superbowl Sunday. This is a free contest for everybody. So if you still have your Draftstreet account from a couple years you’re golden. If you haven’t signed up with Draftstreet yet now is the time because we are now using them for all our Stoolie leagues moving forwards.

As a special bonus for the Superbowl the top 100 finishers will all get a Barstool hoodie. There is no reason not enter. You can never have enough action on the Superbowl. Here is how it works. There are 6 roster spots.Positions don’t matter. Every spot is utility and QB and DST are utility eligible. So in other words just pick your best 6 team roster.

Winner gets 1000 bucks. 10K in prizes. First 100 spots get free Barstool Hoodie. You’d be a moron not to play.

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