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Introducing Jonathan XIV...UConn's New Husky Mascot


Uconn – For the first time since 2008, the University of Connecticut will welcome its new live mascot to the hardwood of Gampel Pavilion and the green grass of Rentschler Field. After six years of loyal service to the UConn community, Jonathan XIII will hand his duties over to the new husky mascot, three-month-old Jonathan XIV, at today’s board of trustees meeting. “Jonathan XIV is a ball of energy, he has one speed and it’s go,” said Bologna. “He’s super friendly, he’ll run up to anyone, he’s extremely well behaved.” While Jonathan XIV will continue to reside with the host family when not reporting for duty, the family will be adopting Jonathan XIII as their own, giving him more time to play in the snow and snack on his favorite treat, string cheese.As for those who are sad to see Jonathan XIII go, Bologna said to keep your eyes out and you may just spot Jonathan XIII and Jonathan XIV going for a walks around campus together.


I’d probably shriek if I went to UConn and just casually bumped into Jonathan XIV while walking to class or something. So cute.  Bigger star than Lil Brit.  Don’t want to pet Jonthan XIV.  Need to.