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Disney Channel Introduces Their First Lesbian Couple And I Am All About It

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.59.45 PM



Can you imagine this as a kid? Talk about pressing fast forward on your lesbian sex fantasies. You’re just sitting around on a Saturday afternoon, eating your Apple Jacks in your Superman undies and all of a sudden… BAM! Two hot, MILF, lipstick lesbians appear on screen. That’s the express lane to puberty right there. Then your dad comes running in from the kitchen, telling your mom he’s been looking to spend more time with you and starts yelling “KISS HER GOODBYE! KISS HER GOODBYE!” at the TV like he’s urging Curtis Martin into the endzone. What a way to grow up. And, honestly, genius move by Disney to prevent homophobia in the next generation. If they went with one ugly, butch lesbian it may not have had the same effect. But, no matter your religion or beliefs, one thing we can all agree on is beautiful people are to be adored and respected. Can’t hate gays when you grow up watching these two scissor.