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There Is Nothing More Depressing Than The Annual Tom And Gisele On Vacation During Superbowl Week Photos

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Listen I don’t care how hot Gisele’s ass is.  I don’t care how rich these two are.  There is nothing more depressing then seeing the Brady’s on their now seemingly annual Superbowl week vacation.  Don’t get me wrong if I were them I’d go far, far away too.   I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the United States.  But for the love of god can you stay inside or something?  Or at least find a compound where the Paparazzi can’t find you?  Because if we’re being totally honest this makes me sick to my stomach.  I literally want to puke all over my shoes. I mean it’s bad enough I can’t watch any Superbowl Highlight videos or sports in general.   This is just too much.  And for the love of god can you put some clothes on Vivian.   You don’t want some smut blogger talking dirty about her.  After all there are some real scumbag bloggers out there who will try to create controversy and make a name for themselves with this shit.  Am I right Big O or am I right?    Oh wait you’re fired.  Nevermind.