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This Florida Teacher Was Fired After Getting Students To Beat Up a Kid Who Talked Back in Class


Florida – A veteran middle school teacher is out of a job in Florida for allegedly instructing six eighth-grade students to beat up seventh-grader Radravious Williams who sassed her in classs. Florida’s St. Lucie County School Board officially fired veteran teacher Dru Dehart late last week after their investigation found that she orchestrated what some are calling at “hit” style attack. WPTV NewsChannel 5 reports that the incident occurred on March 20, 2013 and was caught on a Northport K-8 school surveillance camera. Footage shows the teacher pointing to the victim, instructing the students to go after him. The victim, Williams, is then seen on the hallway floor being pummeled by a group of boys. The older boys, ranging in age from 11 to 15, were allegedly instructed by Dehart to “teach him a lesson” for sassing her in class, according to published reports. The school district’s investigation found that the teacher orchestrated the attack after the student disrespected her, muttering, “I wish I could curse at a teacher.” According to, the district’s investigative report states that Dehart, “tracked down the students during lunch and contaminated their memories” after the fight concluded to cover her tracks. Police later arrested the six juveniles who attacked the student. “As far as we are concerned, they are victims in this too,” the victim’s attorney, Dena Sisk Foman, told the media. “They were manipulated and they were told to have a certain story. It is truly unbelievable what happened. A teacher ordered a hit on a child.”



If Radravious wants to sass his teacher and curse at one ever again, he’ll think twice. This is called taking matters into your own hands. As a teacher, an educator, a sculptor of the minds of tomorrow, you can’t go out yourself and beat up Radravious for sassing you in class. But you can hire vigilantes to do the job for you. The silent guardians, the watchful protectors. I feel like what happens in school, should stay in school. The teacher here was teaching a lesson in life. You go after the wrong person, you’re gonna get got. It’s all in the game. You try pulling that shit outside of the school building, it’s the same result. Welcome to the real world, kid. It’s rough out there. You can’t go around sassing the wrong person, it’ll catch up to you eventually. So to fire her over this is ridiculous. Can’t keep coddling these kids and giving them all trophies and not hiring 11-15 year olds to do the dirty work. Pussificiation at it’s finest.