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Panic Mode is Looming In South Philadelphia

I’m scared. I am officially on the side of fear when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Program. I don't know what the hell is going on but it seems as though we have officially forgot how to play basketball. I don't know what this team will look like come Thursday but you best believe something better go down or Elton Brand will be public enemy number one. 

The construction of this team is fucked. We knew going into the year we were going to be lacking shooters but we were supposed to make up for that in defense. But for some reason our defense has gone to absolute shit since the return of Embiid which makes absolutely no sense. I know everyone likes to say this team doesn't mesh offensively, they don't have the spacing there’s too many bigs, which all makes sense, but this lack of defensive intensity simply does not. Brett Brown needs to light a fucking fire under this teams ass and I have no idea why he is so incapable of doing it. 

Last night was an embarrassment. Plain and simple. Coming off of a two game losing streak, you would think there would be some sort of intensity to go out and ball but they looked like the rest of America coming off of Super Bowl Sunday: sluggish, hungover and disinterested in working. What the were they doing for the game that made them look this shitty. Oh yea that’s right.

To be fair, I don't care they went to the super bowl. Honestly thought it was cool that they were building some chemistry off the court, having fun, watching the game with lads, all great shit. But you absolutely can not go to work the next night and give up 137 points in a game that we absolutely could not piss away. What made it that much worse, was the performance that was put out by our former friend.

God that stat hurts. It is very apparent now that Elton Brand has fucked up the construction of this team. Letting Jimmy walk and giving that money to Horford and Harris was the wrong move. Jimmy made this team so much better and without him we clearly just aren’t as good at playing the sport of basketball. It’s obvious, and Al Horford is a joke who is apparently untouchable.

In Woj’s podcast he said that Brand will not move Horford because we need that size to beat Milwaukee and come out of the East. Well guess what Elton? What about the rest of the fucking East?? We are losing to EVERYONE. How are you going to dismiss the entire conference just because we may slightly lose some size in one single matchup. Horford DOES NOT FIT. He is currently one of the worst contracts in the league, there is no denying that, and to think that Brand refuses to move him at the deadline just shows the status of this management. Things need to change and they need to change right now.