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Catfight Between John Dennis Vs. Rich Toucher On Twitter Right Now






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First things first.  If this fight actually happened I think John Dennis cripples Fred Toucher.  Like cripples him.  But that’s neither here nor there.  I”m not sure who I’m rooting for in this fight.  I think it’s got to be John Dennis just because I sort of know him.  I don’t know Toucher at all.     I do know WEEI waited far too long to respond to all the attacks.  They should have been firing back from the second 98.5 launched.  Because I don’t care how good or bad the Toucher and Rich show is. I don’t care how big of Bruins fans or Patriots fans they pretend to be. They are carpetbaggers.  That’s never going to change. That has always been Dennis and Callahan’s biggest advantage in my opinion.  They are locals.   Toucher and Rich are not.    They just sat on their hands for too long and let these guys settle in.

PS – Imagine if somebody attacked the Stoolies like this.    I mean Rich Toucher thinks his radio audience is crazy?  Bro you haven’t seen anything yet.   I feel like the Stoolies are just sharks circling in a tank waiting for the next enemy to present themselves.  That’s what I don’t get about either of these radio stations.  You have the most powerful, well trained army in the world just sitting on the sidelines waiting to pick a side and alter the landscape of this war forever.  Whoever makes the first move wins period.  Classic Drebos.

Double PS – What happened to that dude Crash?  Wasn’t he part of Toucher and Rich too?