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The First Thing Joe Burrow Is Spending His NFL Money On is a Personal Chef

TMZ - Joe Burrow is looking to follow LeBron James' lead when he starts making that NFL money ... telling TMZ Sports he's gonna hire a personal chef to keep him in shape!!

We spoke with the champ at the Fanatics Super Bowl party in Miami on Saturday ... and he tells us he's already on the hunt for whoever can whip him up the best steak!


A personal chef? What, are you too good for skyline chili, Joe? Does this not look appetizing to you, Joe?

Mmmm, yum. But apparently Joe Burrow does not want to eat 4 pounds of processed cheese every day, so he's hiring a personal chef instead. 

"I'm a healthy eater, so whatever he or she can make that tastes good and keeps me shredded," the Heisman Trophy winner tells us.

What is this? Personal responsibility? Healthy, delicious, and keeps you shredded? If I didn't now better, I'd think the Bengals are about to draft a franchise changing quarterback. Shit. 

I'd kill to have a personal chef. You never realize how good food can be until you have a real chef cook for you. Like right now since I'm trying to eat healthy my diet consists of me making 2 pounds of boneless/skinless chicken on Monday and eating it for dinner every day during the week. Yeah I'll sauté up some veggies, put it over some spinach for a salad, things like that, but it's nothing groundbreaking. It's just the easiest way to eat healthy. Salads for lunch, chicken for dinner. Every day. 

Having a chef though is a game changer. You're eating something new every day, and it tastes 1000000x better than anything you can do. It's the best purchase a man who is about to $100 million can make. Ok, second best purchase. Race horses aren't just gonna buy themselves. But besides slow race horses, nothing can beat having a private chef.