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I Don't Like A Lot Of Will Ferrell Movies, Sue Me

Yesterday I was asked in a mailbag to list what I thought is the most overrated movie ever.  I answered the question truthfully and was in no way, shape or form trolling.  Not whatsoever.  I just think a lot of his movies kinda stink.  I know this is far from a popular opinion, but it's something I stand by.

It's key to take into account that the question was posed to yours truly, your neighborhood White Sox blogger.  As in "what's your opinion on this matter".  Of course it's subjective.  

But the internet? Yeah, it didn't take kindly to that:

You get the point.  To my defense there were a lot of people that did agree with me, though we're obviously in the minority.  I feel like Elaine with The English Patient.  I'm at the point where I don't even want to talk about it but people are so pissed off that I think Blades of Glory fucking SUCKS that I don't even want to talk about it anymore because it's so exhausting.

And like I said, I wasn't joking when I said I was not trolling. I will break it down as simply as possible:

- I think Blades of Glory, Kicking and Screaming and Elf are fucking dog shit movies, I cannot stand them and am astonished people find them funny
- I think Will Ferrell is at his best when he's in an ancillary role a la Chazz in Wedding Crashers, Frank the Tank in Old School, or Ashley Shaeffer in Eastbound and Down. That, and he's a first ballot SNL hall of famer
- I think Step Brothers, Anchorman and Talladega Nights are all decent-ish.  Funny lines but just too corny for me for the most part

That said, I do think with an open mind.  Last night I watched The Other Guys for the first time.  Had no idea what it was about, just knew Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (who I also think kinda sucks) were the leads.  Most people assumed I'd hate it just because I'm a hater.

Not true!  There were a few parts I laughed out loud.  The whole dynamic between Will Ferrell and Eva Mendes, the Vegas scene where he dropped the "I got really hot on Pai Gow" line and the whole TLC secondary storylines were great.  But though I did really enjoy The Other Guys, I think that movie is the exception, not the rule.  Overall I gave it a 7.2 on a pizza scale.  Pretty damn good.

We're going to talk about this more in depth on Barstool Radio tomorrow.  I assume I'll get crucified for this #taek but I don't give a fuck.  I think the ice skating movie with John Heder was trash, I think the soccer movie with Ditka was trash and I don't think Step Brothers should be placed next to a movie like say... Kingpin or Blazing Saddles on the pantheon of all time greats, but to each their own, and hence me calling them overrated.  

If you like these movies and find them hilarious, more power to ya.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  Most of Will Ferrell's movies just aren't for me though.

I'm sorry if this offends