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Larry Donnell & His 3 TD's Rode The Pine On Larry Donnell's Fantasy Team


North Jersey.comWhat Larry Donnell did in reality against Washington last week helped the Giants tremendously en route to their 45-14 victory. What Donnell did in fantasy football was even more of a windfall for owners that started one of the league’s breakout stars. Well, except one famous owner: Donnell himself. Yes, the Giants’ tight end admitted Wednesday that he indeed benched himself in fantasy football in favor of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, missing out on his career-best performance that included seven catches for 54 yards and three touchdowns. Donnell’s fantasy team on which he starts Drew Brees, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace, among others, lost by 15 points. “Would’ve won if I played me,” Donnell told me after practice Wednesday. “During the game, I’m like, ‘Really?’ That’s the honest truth.” Asked if he’d done enough to convince himself to earn the starting nod for Sunday’s game against the Falcons, Donnell said with a laugh: “Oh yeah. I’m in there.”

Big fan of Donnell & how he’s come out of nowhere to be a reliable weapon for the Giants offense, but this is pretty weak. I mean what’s the point of burning a late-round draft pick or waiver claim to add you to your roster if you can’t trust yourself to play…yourself? He’d have been better off leaving himself on the FA pile & letting someone else scoop him up. Sure, it could help out another team – but I’d rather lose by hanging 25 fantasy points on myself than lose because I didn’t have the confidence to play me.

Donnell and the rest of Big Blue should be in for another lights-out performance this weekend against a weak Falcons D. Despite a 56-14 thrashing of the Bucs, they’re still ranked in the bottom-three in points against & total yards. Teddy Bridgewater, in his first NFL start & without his stud running back or tight end, took a switch to the ass of ATL. The rejuvenated Eli should be able to do more of the same on 10 days rest, potentially aided by the long-awaited debut of Odell Beckham Jr. I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently he had a great practice today and plans to be on the field. Another passing weapon against a secondary susceptible to the big play will give Rashad Jennings plenty of room to torch a rushing defense that’s ceded almost twice as many TD’s as any other team in the league. Points on points on points.

With two starting lineman on IR and a third questionable, Matt Ryan should have a tough time keeping up. No excuse for JPP, Kiwi, Ayers & Big Hank not to beat him like a drum all day long. Whether Donnell can reward his fantasy squad with another 3 score outing remains to be seen – but Sunday’s matchup at MetLife is shaping up to end just like it did for the Giants last Thursday night.