Marry Fuck Kill - Who Would You Switch Lives With? Biebs, Brady, Leo

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Now before everybody rushes to judgment here take a deep breath and think about this question. This is not a traditional MFK. This is who would you switch lives with right now. Marry means you’d be this person forever moving forward. Fuck means you’d be this person for a day. Kill is obvious.

For me it’s simple. I’m sure I’m going to be in the minority here, but it’s honestly the only right answer is to marry/switch lives forever with the Biebs. Dude is 19 years old. Ripped to shreds. Fucks Selena. And more importantly in another 15 years he’s still going to be in the prime of his life. He’s still be fucking 18 year olds without anybody batting an eyelash. He has his entire life in front of him. That’s the major factor here. He’s so young yet so powerful. It’s an absolute no brainer.

For the fuck/switch for a day it’s got to be Leo. I’d just plow as many supermodels as I could fit into the day. Bar Refaeli, Margo Robbie, Blake Lively, Erin Heatherten etc. Just line em up and knock em down and then have a power dinner with Scorsese after. If time was frozen I’d switch lives with Leo no question about it, but the dude is older than I am.4

That means I’m killing Brady. Not just because he keeps puking on himself in the playoffs either. It’s just he’s all married up and shit. Yeah he’s got a perfect family and a supermodel wife but I don’t do kids. Too much nagging. Even for a day.


Marry – Biebs

Fuck – Leo

Kill – Brady