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No Biggie: The Biebs Only Had A Model Riding Shotgun Sucking His Dick When He Was Arrested - Introducing Chantel Jeffries


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People didn’t really think the Biebs was drag racing lambos alone did they?  Fuck no.  He had a model riding shotgun sucking his dick while he did it. Pure power move.  Introducing Chantel Jeffries who apparently is the ex of DeSean Jackson and Diddy.   Looks like she traded in those losers for a real man.   Somebody who could put that ass to sleep. (So deep, so deep, put that ass to sleep) How jealous is Selena right now?  Must be furious this wasn’t her getting the thrill of a lifetime.  Probably fingering herself just thinking about it.  I swear all Bieber does is bang perfect 10’s, drag race Lamborghini’s and egg peoples houses.  So gangsta it hurts.