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Video Released of Ambulance Crash In Milford That Killed The Lady in the Ambulance


MILFORD The driver who allegedly caused a fatal ambulance crash here Tuesday is now facing criminal charges that include motor vehicle homicide by negligent operation, according to the office of Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. Lisa Zemack drove her Mercedes-Benz through a stop sign on Green Street and collided with the right rear bumper of an ambulance passing on Route 140, causing it to flip over, according to Milford police. The crash was captured by the surveillance camera at the Domino’s Pizza shop located at that intersection.


Obviously this is a tragedy. No other way to put it. But it’s kind of crazy that this lady is being charged with vehicle homicide right? Like I’m not sure what the prison sentence is with that but it sounds severe. No doubt she fucked up. No doubt it’s an absolute tragedy. But it was an accident. She ran a stop sign. That’s it. She wasn’t drunk.  Her past driving record has 3 speeding tickets in the last 23 years. That’s not that bad. I guess I just think anybody can run a stop sign. This shouldn’t be an eye for an eye thing. What is done is done. No point in ruining two lives now.