Smitty Had A Tryout For 100 Thieves From Their New LA Compound And May Have Just Earned A Lifetime Contract

I've always believed we're living in some kind of demented simulation and today is just more proof of that. Here we were at Gametime thinking Ninja was the peak of our existence and although that was incredibly awesome, this moment above is beyond unbelievable. 

General F. Smitty sitting in the BRAND NEW 100 Thieves compound streaming like he's actually a member of the squad with Nadeshot, CouRage JD, and some of the biggest streamers on earth right now.

Maybe he'll even be officially on the team by the end of this stream? He has already proven to be a valuable butler player for them...

And also an expert marksmen... when not on the Fortnite island

If he doesn't end up on the team maybe he'll just end up challenging Nadeshot to a 1 v 1 for the whole company? And an admittance of true Cheez-Its dominance?

Really anything could happen at this point. Kevin Garnett was more right than anyone could have predicted. The simulation does NOT suck right now

"Glory shall come to us all and those who run towards victory, when that victory chases you. Hooch McGooch soldiers" -The General