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Atlanta Falcons Make It Abundantly Clear They No Longer Want Vic Beasley

I don't think this news is particularly noteworthy. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Vic Beasley would not be on the Falcons' 53-man roster in 2020. It just wasn't working any longer.

But how about the Atlanta Falcons just absolutely putting Beasley on blast on Twitter?

"BREAKING NEWS: We're not going to even attempt to re-sign you and we want to make sure everybody knows."

I don't think I've ever seen a team do this six weeks before free agency begins. They could have very easily just ... not re-signed him like everyone knew was going to happen, but they wanted to throw an extra little jab in there for all the years of virtually no production. And I love it. He got $15 million, we can have one tweet.

Between Kyle Shanahan blowing another double-digit second half lead in the Super Bowl and now the news that we don't have to watch Beasley flail around anymore, it's been a solid 24 hours for Falcons fans.

Also, despite the fact that the team itself made this announcement, some still weren't convinced.

I'm pretty sure that guy was making a callback to the fan who earnestly asked the Blue Jays who their source was on Justin Smoak's injury status, but it's funny either way.

Anyway, I hope Vic Beasley figures it out somewhere. This is a guy after all who had 15.5 sacks in 2016. The talent is there. It just wasn't going to work out in Atlanta.

It sure looks like now that the Falcons will be targeting an edge rusher in the first round of the NFL Draft. I will be locked in to Steven Cheah's coverage to see who we're going after.