Do Yourself A Favor And Watch Every Single Three Damian Lillard Has Made During His Historic Scoring Streak

This weekend after his dominant Lakers performance I wrote this blog

At the time the 5 game stretch Dame was on was unlike anything we've seen in NBA History. Well because this man is NBA Jam level hot at the moment, he topped himself with his performance against the Jazz

This is all getting a bit ridiculous and is a run that you don't exactly see all that often….or ever. He is singlehandedly keeping the Blazers alive in their chase to get into the Top 8 out West, and just like I put in the original blog what stands out to me most isn't the point total, it's the efficiency. Here's an updated look at what we're working with

These numbers are like 2K rookie mode shit. The outside shooting is what really stands out to me, mostly because Dame takes 35 footers on the regular. He said after the game that he's never been in a zone like this in his life and I believe him because honestly what human alive has had a run like this when you combine the production and the efficiency. 

Luckily for you, someone who is probably starting to suffer a little bit in the cubes/class following yesterday's activities, the NBA has put together a sweet as hell highlight reel of every single made three from Dame over this stretch. In my opinion it's the perfect thing to help you get through the late afternoon so go ahead and hit play.

The Blazers have the Nuggets up next tomorrow night and they are 6th in the NBA in opponents 3PM and 4th in opponent 3P% so if Dame is able to continue this streak it may be his most impressive feat yet.