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Guys, We Did It. The Jamaicans Are Going To Sochi!


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(Source) Thanks to the kindness of the Internet, a two-man Jamaican bobsled team is going to the Sochi Olympics. Through crowdfunding sites CrowdtiltIndiegogo, online currency site Dogecoin, and Reddit, the bobsledders had raised a total of more than $160,000 as of Tuesday morning. The team needed $80,000 to cover supplies, equipment and travel expenses.



I’m incredibly excited for this. Yeah, I know it’s silly. I know these Jamaicans aren’t gonna run around kissing eggs for good luck and have all kinds of Disney hijinks. But, they might. There’s that chance. It’s one in a million, but there’s a chance. So sue me, but I’m excited about this. Maybe the Cool Runnings reality show won’t be as cool as the Hollywood-ized version, but I’ll still watch. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyms, c’mon up, it’s bobsled time!


Jamaicans who like playing in the snow, just another group in need that the Stool has helped.