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I Hate That I Kind Of Laughed At This Brady v. Manning GIF




As I’m sure may of you do, I have friends who aren’t Patriots fans. Friends who, instead of mourning, are in a state of jubilation today. And every single one of them has sent me this GIF. Every one of my co-workers has sent me this GIF.  They all think it’s hilarious. And, that’s fine. I chuckled at it. Peyton undressed us yesterday, I can admit that. We deserve to have it rubbed in our face a little bit.


But, know this: every person who sends you this GIF would trade places with us in a heartbeat. KFC sent me this GIF like “HA! Fuck the Pats!” But, both he and I know he’d kill to cheer for a team like the Pats. Like Sir Charles said, we’re in it every year. This was the Pats’ rebuilding year, and they still made it to the AFC Championship. Now, I don’t take just making it to the conference championship during a down year as a victory, and nor do the guys in Foxboro. But every friend sending you this GIF with a “lol Pats” message would take this season for their team if offered. So I accept our failure, and I’ll laugh at your funny GIF. But just know that in September, my team will have a chance to win it all while you try convincing yourself that Geno Smith has a chance to get it together and maybe put up 7 wins.