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Bill Belichick Calls Wes Welker's Hit That Took Out Aquib Talib One of the "Worst Plays He's Ever Seen" And Will Let The League Handle The Discipline



Bill Belichick: Wes Welker Intentionally Took Out Aqib Talib




Breeders Cup Dave’s Reaction – I love Belichick but for the first time ever I disagree with him here.  Yes this should have been offensive pass interference.  Yes Wes Welker clearly meant to hit Aqib Talib.  But shit like this happens on every single play in the NFL.  Every single crossing route is designed for guys to set picks and screen plays and smash into each other.   That’s exactly what Wes did her.   How the refs missed it I don’t know?  But it wasn’t a dirty play.  It was just a penalty.  Welker didn’t go for his knee or try to intentionally hurt Talib.  They crashed into each other and Talib couldn’t get up.   Wes was just trying to make a good play for his team.   There won’t be any discipline.  It’s the nature of football. Wes is a good man.  He has a hot wife.  We bet horses together.

Wes Welker Is Not A Stoolie Daves Reaction –   Preach Bill preach!   One of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen in my life.  A clear attempt by a desperate player to take out our best defensive player because the Broncos knew they couldn’t score with Talib in the game.   An absolute disgusting display of disgustingness.  How many points did the Broncos score with Talib in the game?  3?    The second he got ambushed the game was over.   Everybody knew that.   He was the 1 guy we couldn’t afford to lose.  He was the glue holding that defense together.  It’s a totally different game with Talib in there.  Give me a healthy Talib and I love our chances.   The Broncos were well aware of that fact  so they sent Wes Welker in there on a kamikaze mission to deliberately take him out.  No different that Sensei telling Johnny Lawrence to sweep the leg. The Broncos knew they couldn’t beat us fair and square so they cheated.  That’s all there really is to it.  If Roger Goodell has even an ounce of fairness he’ll suspend Wes Welker for the Superbowl and launch a full investigation whether he acted alone or whether Peyton Manning ordered the hit.   But the one thing that can’t be debated is that was an intentional hit on a defenseless player that severely injured him and altered the course of the game.  Exactly what the NFL does not want.   And unfortunately Wes will now have a stain on his career forever.