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We Kind Of Have A Responsibility To Make Sure The Jamaican Bobsled Team Can Go To Sochi, Right?



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(Indiegogo)The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team has triumphantly qualified for the” Sochi Winter Olympics 2014″ in Russia after a 12 years absence, and we need your support to get  there.  Embrace the Jamaican spirit of out of many one people and lets do this together. The games will not be the same without the trill and the passion of the Jamaican bobsleigh team.


Most of the time we put up an Indiegogo it’s for something truly necessary, something like victims of horrific acts of violence or injured puppies. This time isn’t all that different. While I wouldn’t dare say that sending the Jamaican bobsled team get to Sochi is a noble act comparable to the aforementioned causes, it’s still very necessary. If you ever laughed at Cool Runnings, you have a duty to donate to this. If you ever said “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, c’mon up, it’s bobsled time!” then you have no choice but to give these guys $5. Ever seen a friend injured and said, “Sanka, ya dead mon?” Well, then open up your wallet and give what you can. I’m not saying the real thing will be as funny as the movie, I’m not saying your donation will bring John Candy back to life to coach these guys, all I’m saying is that a bunch of Jamaicans being interviewed in the Russian cold has the potential for comedy gold. Please donate.


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h/t John