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Alabama Man Shot in the Face After Public Urination Dispute — A dispute between two men in Grand Bay started with one of them urinating in public early Sunday morning and ended with both men getting their guns and shooting at each other, a spokesman for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said.

“They’re neighbors,” said Capt. Paul Burch.

The man who confronted the urinating man about 7:30 a.m. ended up shot in the face and transported to a hospital. “They got in a dispute because one of them was urinating in a yard, or in a street,” Burch said. “Either one was inappropriate. That started an argument.”

We're all familiar with Florida Man.

But Alabama Man confronting his neighbor about peeing in his yard, retrieving his firearm and opening fire, only for the urinating man to then get his gun and shoot that guy in the face is Florida Man-level content, if not a step above. And this occurred in Grand Bay, Alabama, about 80 miles from the Florida border, so we can grant this guy honorary Florida Man status.

The man angry about the public urination went to his vehicle, got a gun and began firing shots, Burch said.

The other man, who had finished urinating, went to his vehicle and also retrieved a gun and returned fire.

“The one who was mad about the guy peeing is the one who fired the first shots and he got shot,” Burch said. “It’s not life-threatening. He’s shot in the face. He walked himself to the helicopter.”

What a turn of events for that guy, though. He thought he was sure gonna show this rogue yard-pisser what was up, but he ends up being the one shot in the face. That's a tough one to explain to the guys at the bar.

But I suppose it sort of makes sense. Anybody who's just going around peeing in other people's yards is probably pretty confident in his ability to handle any situation which might arise due to those actions.

Although you do have to give the other man credit for just walking off a bullet to the face. I have no idea how that's even possible, but we are talking about Lower Alabama — the real LA, for all you city slickers — so this guy has probably had a dispute or two in his day that ended up with somebody shot in the head, so he knew just what to do.

This is only one month removed from a college football season that saw the Crimson Tide miss a New Year's Six bowl. Just imagine how bad things are going to be by April.