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The Most 1990's Photo Ever

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This picture has been floating around the internet the last couple days.  Hilarious.   Like you know it’s a money picture when Randell Cunningham is only the 5th most 90’s guy in the  photo.  I mean that bottom row is just electric.  Jim Everett, Jim Kelly and Bernie Kosar.  3 of the most 90’s guys you’ll ever meet.   I think if if I had to rank em I’m do it like this.

1. Jim Everett (Maybe the most 1990’s guy who as ever lived.  Just permanently wearing stone washed jeans and flipping tables.)

2. Jim Kelly (Not only one of the greatest 90’s figures ever to live one of the greatest hardos to ever live)

3. Bernie Kosar

4. Warren Moon

5. Randell Cunningham

6. Young Jim Harbough

7. Dan Marino

8. Phil Simms

9. John Elway

10. Steve Young