Gimme This New KFC Mashed Potato Pizza And Give Me It Right Damn Now

Look, everyone knows I'm on a diet. I'm down 20 lbs this year and there's no stopping me in sight. The only way you could stop me from my path to 34s is by having a KFC inspired pizza. God damn, I love corn. I love gravy. I love mashed potatoes. If you put all that plus chicken on a pizza, which makes the eating of my favorites so easy, I will balloon up like well.... a balloon, I guess. 

Luckily for fat asses like me who are trying not to be fat asses, this bad boy is only available in Ireland. I find that strange. Normally Ireland's food stinks out loud. Maybe it's actually England that I'm thinking about but I can't think of a single Irish meal that I really love except for Shepard's Pie. I love Shepard's pie. In fact, I love it so much that I once made a video about it. 

I miss making cooking videos. Maybe I'll make my own KFC inspired pizza. Wouldnt that be something? Can you imagine? This blog leading me to make a mashed potato bowl style pizza. The haters would be absolutely sick and my belly would be full. I could even make it on my big green egg with a flaky-er crust which would be kinda biscuit inspired. Unreal idea by me. Oh. What about a breakfast pizza that was with the same flaky crust but it was biscuits and gravy inspired? Fuck, man. That would be wild. There's no way I could pull that off.... but maybe there is.... 

Anyway, enjoy your day!