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Nobody Hated Being In Kansas City More Than This Reporter Covering The Chiefs Celebrations

My guy, not sure if you're aware here but people get drunk as shit during title celebrations. Not only that but we're talking about Kansas City. It's been forever since they've won, you thought they'd just respect the biz? I don't think so. I love this guy in the Kelce jersey. You think he knows let alone cares that you're trying to do a quick hit on the local news? Nope. He sees you wearing red he's going to hug you. Hug guy, like plant guy, had one goal

If you're covering celebrations, you can't be big J. You just can't. You gotta assume you're dealing with a million drunk people. You gotta be ready for anything. Take a lesson from real pros: 

PS: I've laughed at this still image with hug guy in the background 100 times today. He's always lurking