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Cincinnati Hoops Player Trolls Houston's DeJon Jarreau On Social Media After Getting Ejected For BITING During Saturday's Game

This is grade A trolling by Mamadou Diarra here. In case you missed it during Saturday's game, Houston's DeJon Jarreau decided to take a chomp out of Diarra's thigh: 

I honestly can't remember ever seeing a college hoops player ejected for biting. Punching? Yep. Tripping from the bench? Sure. Hitting someone in the nuts? Absolutely. But biting someone? That's a crazy person move. You can't be out here biting people in loose ball scrums. It's also just a disgusting move. You're biting the thigh, where it's all sweaty and butt sweat leaking down there. No thank you. Jarreau got suspended a game for this, but really should be suspended more just for the decision to bite the thigh. 

Solid post by Diarra though. Cincinnati gets the win, continues to look like they figured shit (mostly just Jarron Cumberland and John Brannen getting along) gets some delicious dinner after. That's a solid Saturday. Also the AAC race is just wild now. Tulsa is leading the conference. Tulsa! This team was supposed to stink. Cincinnati and Houston are now a game behind. Memphis and Wichita State, two teams projected to finish in the top-3, are two games back.