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This Is The Face of a Woman Who Had 7 Dead Babies In Her Garage

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G - Police made a gruesome discovery Sunday when they discovered the remains of seven babies hidden in cardboard boxes in a Utah woman’s garage. The investigation began Saturday when a man called police to report that he had discovered a dead infant while cleaning out his garage. His estranged wife, 39-year-old Megan Huntsman, who lived in the home until 2011, quickly became the prime suspect. When they obtained a search warrant for Huntsman’s residence, police discovered six more dead bodies, packaged in individual cardboard boxes in her garage. Huntsman was arrested on murder charges. According to investigators, Huntsman gave birth to the babies between 1996 and 2006. Bizarrely, police say they believe the estranged husband, who lived with Huntsman during that time period and raised at least three children with her, had no knowledge of her activities. A neighbor told the Salt Lake Tribune that Huntsman had “gained and lost some weight in the years she lived there,” but said she never realized Huntsman was pregnant.


Well, that’s not a funny story. Maybe the most gruesome story of all time? To be honest, when I started blogging this, I didn’t realize how fucking terrible of a story it was. Someone actually had sex with her multiple times? Disgusting. No but really, what the fuck even is this story? 7 babies in cardboard boxes? Nobody knew she was pregnant? The ex-husband never thought to say something about the kids he raised who suddenly disappeared? What’s his fucking deal? What is anything? Fucking christ. Like, I almost made a joke about the girls tied up in my basement but I didn’t because this story is so gross. Sorry for blogging this. I hope she dies slowly and painfully. Sorry again. Here’s some cute animals.