KFC Radio's Roundtable Dicussion Of The Feitelberg v Big Cat Weight Loss Challenge



I haven’t really discussed the weight loss challenge on the Boston site, and seeing as it’s one of the biggest undertakings of my entire life, I figured I should post our discussion of it. Is it sad that one month straight of no drinking, eating healthy and exercising is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done? When you put it that way, yeah I guess it is. But facts are facts, I’m not going to hide from them. And seeing as the loser is not allowed to watch the Super Bowl, I’d say the stakes are pretty high. But, I’m plenty confident in myself. I’m not touching carbs, working out twice a day and crushing a dangerous amount of supplements. I’ll probably have a six pack by kickoff. If I may quote the SEAL speech from Lone Survivor: Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, moderation is for cowards. I go balls out getting fat and I go balls out getting in shape for weight loss competitions, just the kind of guy I am.


PS – In CatFeits we debate the better breakfast sandwich meat: sausage or bacon. I cannot state this strongly enough: if you’re getting bacon on your breakfast sandwich then you’re getting gypped. You’re getting meat in maybe half your bites, as you only get a piece or two of bacon. With a sausage pattie you’ve got full meat coverage. It blows my mind that people still order bacon breakfast sandwiches. You’re not getting proper bang for your buck.