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Lil Wayne's Reaction To Finding Out About Kanye's Sunday Service Is PRICELESS


I said this in my Lil Wayne blog about how he thought 21 Savage was a rap group made up of 21 rappers, but how can you not love Lil Wayne? He's refreshingly honest because he simply does not give a single fuck. First of all, he genuinely had no idea what Kanye's Sunday Service was which is amazing. It's only been one of the most talked about things happening in music and pop culture for the last year and Lil Wayne is like, "No I don't know what you're referring to when you say Kanye's Sunday Service." Incredible. Another thing I said in the 21 Savage blog is that Wayne is famous for living in his own world and this is another example of that. If Sunday Service has nothing to do with Lil Wayne then it doesn't enter Lil Wayne's brain.

Second, such a genuine reaction from Wayne about how stupid Sunday Service sounds. It's one thing to hear regular fans talk about how lame Kanye's switch to the whole Christian/Jesus thing has been but it's a whole thing when a peer like Lil Wayne aggressively rolls his eyes into the back of his head. He heard the word "church" and he was so disappointed in Mr. West. Laugh out loud funny. It's fun to imagine Lil Wayne making the switch Kanye did, it would just never happen. Weezy will be rapping about drinking lean and smoking weed until the casket drops and that's why everyone loves him. He will never change.