Lady Sprains Her Ankle Spinning The Wheel....Advances To Showcase Showdown On Crutches


The wheel is absolutely kicking ass and taking names lately.  Yesterday it headbutted a lady.




Today Judy went down with a broken ankle.




That injury is no joke!  How about the guts and internal fortitude Judy showed playing through pain?  Just iced it down and kept on going.  Like I hate throwing around the word hero too much, but that’s exactly what Judy is. Zero quit in her.  Zero.  Just hobbled her way to the Showcase Showdown on one leg.   Still managed to spin a 75 cent piece while she was laying on the ground all crumpled and shit.   Postponed her trip to the hospital till the clock read triple zero.  Stuff legends are made of really.  Give this guy credit.  He knew he was watching something special in real time.