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Swiss Soccer Fans Piss In The Opposing Goalie's Water Bottle

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MURI, Switzerland (AP) A lower-league Swiss football club says it will investigate reports that some of its fans urinated in a water bottle that a rival goalkeeper then drank from. Reto Felder, a goalkeeper who plays for Muri in the Swiss fourth division, told Switzerland’s Blick newspaper he first thought his drink was warmed by the sun. He called the prank “crude and disgraceful.” Fans in the crowd of about 500 reportedly persuaded a ball boy to pass them the bottle. Muri lost at Baden 3-2 on Saturday. Baden president Thomi Braem, who promised to investigate, says fans “should realize they have again done great damage (to the club).” Muri coach Beat Hubeli says the incident was “the lowest of the low.”

All’s fair in love and futbol. Sometimes you’re gonna get fireworks thrown at you. Sometimes a streaker may attack you. And sometimes fans are gonna piss in your water bottle. Its all just part of the Beautiful Game. You signed up for this life. Plus you should just be happy you’re still alive. In a sport where people have literally been murdered over the game, drinking a little piss aint a big deal. Just chalk it up to an occupational hazard and make sure your water bottle is always in sight going forward.