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Jason Alexander Is Still George Costanza



(Gothamist) Sweet fancy Moses! Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were just spotted walking into Tom’s Restaurant, the Upper West Side diner whose exterior was known on Seinfeld as Monk’s.


This picture fucking cracked me up. Jason Alexander just strutting around town in a Costanza outfit that he stole from wardrobe in 92. I mean look at Jerry, he looks chic as fuck. He looks like a guy who made more money than God off one of the most popular shows in television history. Not Alexander though, he looks like a method actor who just can’t get back into the real world. Or one of those soldiers trapped on a Japanese Island that still thought it was WWII. He can’t shake the baggy, stone washed jeans with a puffy winter coat and a dirty pair of New Balance look. It’s just who he is. Alexander is Costanza, Costanza is Alexander.