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Old Black Dude Takes Video Selfie Of "When White People Fight"

Amazing. Just top notch stuff from this old black dude watching a few hundred honkeys scrapping in the middle of a field. The best part about this is there are absolutely zero details floating around about the circumstances involving the fight. The who/what/when/where/why is completely a mystery. So it leaves you to come up with your own back story. Like in my mind this is some sort of prep school scrap that broke out during graduation when a couple kids started arguing about who’s Dad had more money. The old black man is the school janitor and he’s just fed up with these little spoiled pricks always cleaning up their mess. And now he’s filming this brawl like “See? Yup. I fucking told you so.” Thats what that cigarette point and smirk is all about. “I told you these motherfuckers were animals.”

Go ahead, come up with your own scenario. Choose your own adventure with this “When White People Fight” footage.