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Getting To Know Penn National: Day One

Hey guys,

When news broke last week of our new partnership with Penn National Gaming, the first thought Paulie and I had was, "Let's hit the road.". As horse racing fans we have been familiar with Penn properties for some time, but we wanted to expose all the Stoolies to what Penn National has to offer. After securing Dave's blessing, we decided to take to the open road and hit the namesake property of our new partner, Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course in Grantville, PA.

Yesterday I picked Paul up and we took off towards central PA. After a little while we got hungry and pulled off somewhere outside of Allentown, PA, where the choices were Burger King or Taco Bell. We went for the border. I've spent a lot of time around Paul Lo Duca over the last few years, but sometimes he still surprises me. He ordered three potato tacos and a burrito and doused it all in various hot sauces. Also, while waiting for his food a nice lady was asking him about all the hot sauces he was grabbing and he proceeded to inquire about her taste in food, spice levels and his varied recommendations. After she thanked him and walked away he turned to me and said laughing "I'd hit on an elephant. What's the worst thing that could happen? She says no?". That's my guy.

After Taco Bell we finished off the drive to Penn National. Paul felt a lot looser after getting some food in his stomach.

Finally, we arrived. We were home. Penn National.

We began to survey the landscape and let me tell you, the casino gaming area is very large. They have multiple table pits and lots of different slot machine areas.

We were then met by General Manager/Vice President Daniel Ihm who gave us the grand tour of the property. The racing area was clean and expansive, with incredible views of the race track.

I can't over state how good the view is. There are few racetracks with a view inside where you can clearly see the whole track. Penn National has that and it's incredible. After our tour, our new corporate Dad, Dan, couldn't help but brag to people that we were in town. We met various officials and big wigs, all of whom were exceptionally welcoming and inviting. A more gracious group, I could not imagine.

Me and Lo Duca then got down to business and started playing tickets. He hit a Pick Four at Santa Anita and I hit the early Pick Four at Penn National to really get this relationship off on the right foot.

After watching the first half of the Lakers game at the beautiful sports bar "The Skybox", we headed down the road to Hershey to the hotel to finally check in. We dropped our bags and walked down the road to Duke's to watch the last of the Lakers game. We perched our thirsty selves on a barstool for a few hours and then moseyed down the road to the hotel after making a quick pitstop at Sheetz. (BTW, Sheetz is not a place I was familiar with, I'd heard of it but I don't think I'd ever been. It was delightful!) We got tucked in (separate rooms) and drifted off to sleep in preparation for a great weekend. 

Today promises to be a great day, we're going to check out some dining options at Penn National, as well as their Top Golf VR suite. I think this relationship is going to be kind of spectacular. We will keep you updated with picks along the way as well. Stay tuned to our twitter and instagram feeds for live updates. Let's have a great Saturday and win some money.