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Lets Go Eat A Goddam Snack

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On today’s menu? Aaron Rodgers. The Packers O Line sucks and its Snack Time for the Sons of Anarchy and the rest of the Jets D. Plain and simple – either we feast on Mr. Double Check or he feasts on our secondary. Its as clear as that. Seattle dominated him in the opener with three sacks, a strip resulting in a safety and forced an INT. They were hitting him all night long. And if the Jets defense is going to be as elite as Rex and Jets fans think it will be, they need to dominate him today too.

If they can’t get to the QB, obviously Rodgers will make them pay. Keep him on his back and you give yourself a chance to pull off this upset. Its black and white and its going to be that way all season the way this team is constructed. Especially in the next 6 weeks when we’re running through this gauntlet of Pro Bowl QBs. Geno and the offense need to do their part but there’s no way they can keep up with Rodgers if he’s operating at will. The D Line is gonna make or break every single week.