Is There Anything More Emasculating Than Khloe Kardashian Catching You Wearing One Of Her Women's Track Suits And Then Tweeting It To Here 9 Million Followers?



UTSanDiego - San Diegan Greg Ryan is living proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.Over Christmas, the Patio Restaurant bar manager was spotted in Bellagio Casino’s arcade by reality show star Khloe Kardashian. He was wearing one of her track suits.Kardashian, with 8.7 million Twitter fans, took a photo and posted it on Instagram, calling him “Mall Dude,” then she tweeted her praise of his apparel choice.

So a guy who was auditioning for a SD blog sent me this story.  My question is has this dude killed himself yet? Like in terms of top 10 things a man can’t get caught doing wearing a Khloe Kardashian women’s track suit and then having Khloe tweet it out to 9 million followers with a caption “We can say they are Unisex now” is definitely one of them.   Like if this guy has any real friends he’s officially dead by now.  Because they had to make fun of him till he literally killed himself right? That’s what I’d do in this situation. Unless he’s a gayball. Then it’s no harm no foul.