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A Clearly Intoxicated Charles Barkley Says Pats Fans Take the Pats For Granted And Calls Jackie MacMullan "Babe"



I love Chuck.  Probably top 10 guys I’d want to go to Vegas with.  And I agree with 50% of what he said here.  I totally agree that it’s unreal how the Pats have a chance to win the Superbowl every single year.   How 99% of sports fans teams suck.   And yes maybe some Pats fans take that for granted, but I think most people get it.   Just because it’s Superbowl or Bust every single year doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the unbelievable run this dynasty is on.   Every fucking day I wake up and thank god he made me a Pats fan.   I look across at the KFC’s of the world and don’t even know how he has the energy to live.  Just struggling through deep dark depression.   Nope I know we are blessed.  I know this is the greatest run in the history of modern sports.  I understand all that.    I relish every second of it.   These next few weeks are what I live for.   Anybody who has read the blog for more than a minute knows we don’t take this for granted.   All New Englanders owe Mr. Kraft, the Dark Lord, and Tom Brady a debt of gratitude for making this the most exciting, best place to live on earth.  I get it.  Still doesn’t change the fact it’s Superbowl or bust.

PS – I laughed out loud when he called Jackie MacMullan babe.