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Pats Emasculate The Colts....Reduce Andrew Luck To Just Spitting All Over Himself



1 down.  2 to go.  Just a total demolition job tonight. Legarrette Blount running for like 9,000 TD’s.  Brady making all the throws.  (Not bad for the worst QB in the playoffs) The defense coming up with big plays whenever they needed one. Stephen Gostkowski punting and kicking all over the joint.  Belichick intimidating the rain.  Just a total team effort.   A reminder why the Patriots are the class of the NFL and have been for almost 15 years now.   Now the questions is do we want the Broncos to win tomorrow or not?  Yeah the easy thing to say is that we want homefield advantage, but god I get hard just thinking about going into Denver and humiliating Peyton one last time.   Either way it’s gonna be a fun week around here.   I don’t care that this is like our 10th straight AFC Title game.  It still never gets old. Not bad for a team that hates their coach….