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Shaughnessy's Operation: IndyTroll is a Major Success

In case you missed it yesterday, Dan Shaughnessy wrote a column yesterday about how much the Colts suck and have no shot against the Patriots in which he completely Mad Libbed the one he wrote exactly a year ago about how much the Texans suck and have no shot against the Patriots.  That Texans hack job earned him an appearance on Houston sports radio, and in a pure case of troll history repeating itself, he got to go on WFNI in Indy to >ahem< defend himself.  The audio is here.  But when you’re being handsomely rewarded to be the world’s leading Shaughnessy Trollbuster, you take it upon yourself to save your readers the time and embarrassment of listing to Shank drone on to a bunch of out-of-towners stupid enough to think he speaks for the people of Boston.  So as a public service, here are the “highlights”:

*When told he “got the whole place riled up here”: “Well, it’s happened before…”

*On being asked if people in New England “are really that much in love with” Belichick and think other coaches “lose their mind” coaching against “the great man”: “I wish it weren’t true…”

*On coaches who’ve done well against Belichick, like the Harbaughs, Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin: “Hopefully your guy will.”

*After pointing out the Colts have beaten the three top teams in the NFL this year: “Please bring that.  You have no idea how much I want you to bring that.  I’ve seen it too many years where the Patriots get to the AFC Championship Game without any hard lifting and without a lot of merit.”

*On what he wants to see out of the Colts: “I embrace and welcome people to come in and stand up to them and play big boy football… I’m begging you to come in here and play up to your potential.”

*On the 2013 Patriots: “This is one of the worst 12-4 teams ever assembled.”

*On the Patriots recent history: “They have zero impressive playoff wins since the 18-0 season.”

So to review:  The guy who’s claimed repeatedly he hates being part of the story, even while he was lobbing verbal bombs at hard working, professional, proven winners like Nomar, Schilling, Mr. Kraft and dozens of others, basically cops to the fact that trolling fanbases is his MO.  And while he claims to have no axe to grind, he openly says he hopes Chuck Pagano comes into Foxboro and outcoaches Belichick.  He insisted recently he doesn’t root for either team, but he wants the Colts to “please bring that” because he doesn’t like the way the Pats have dominated.  He thinks the Pats are terrible, resents their record this year and minimizes playoff wins like the blowout of a 13-4 Texans team and the 2011 AFC Championship over Baltimore. And, he thinks they once had an 18-0 season. But again, he’s just a neutral observer.  He doesn’t hate the Patriots.  He just wants a good story.  It’s just too bad that as long as these other cities are going to keep letting themselves get trolled by the CHB that he’s not actually capable of writing one.  @JerryThornton1  [Thanks to @PatriotsXLVIII for the link]