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Lil Wayne Originally Thought 21 Savage Was A Rap Group Made Up Of 21 Rappers

How can you not love Lil Wayne? He’s the best. He’s as pure as the driven snow. Wayne hears that there’s a new thing in the rap game called 21 Savage and he cannot believe that someone would put a group togethwer with 21 members. But he honestly truly 10000% thought there was a new group on the scene with 21 rappers. That’s incredible and I absolutely believe that he believed that because one thing I’ve learned about Lil Wayne over the years is that he rarely jokes. About anything. So when he told that interviewer that he thought 21 Savage was some sort of new Wu Tang with 21 members, he was super serious which is part of what makes him the best.

Also, how about 21 Savage being upset about Lil Wayne not knowing who he was? Grow up, 21. It’s fucking Lil Wayne. Not only is Weezy definitely not listening to every new rapper that comes out but we’re talking about a man who has smoked more trees than a forrest and drank more codeine than there is water in the Pacific Ocean. We’re talking about a man who TMZ has killed 4+times because of the seizures he suffers due to his record-breaking drug consumption. What I’m trying to say is he’s gonna miss a few things along the way. Not to mention Weezy is infamously in his own world at all times and couldn’t care less about anything that doesn’t have to do directly with him. It’s what makes him Lil Wayne.