Bode Miller Had To Give Up The Quesadilla He Tried To Bring Into the Masters

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Golf - There are time-honored rules here at Augusta National. No cell phones. No running. No laying down. Apparently another unwritten rule here? No quesadillas! Olympic skiing legend Bode Miller tried to bring a quesadilla from the luxurious Berckmans Place hospitality center to the golf course, but was asked to discard it, according to a report in the Augusta Chronicle. “If you pay $7,500, you ought to be able to bring out a quesadilla,” Miller told the Augusta paper. Miller, who was appointed to the PGA of America’s task force on growing the game last month, is attending the Masters with his wife, Morgan Beck. Sorry, Bode, you have to scarf down your quesadillas before watching golf like the rest of us! The good news? There are plenty of cheap food options, so no need to smuggle in food.

I love Augusta because it’s pretty much the most backwards place on Earth and the best place on Earth all wrapped into one beautiful golf course. They are like 200 years behind the times, and it makes me guffaw. No chicks. No cell phones. And no quesadillas. Any other place where those three things are banned would be hell on earth. (Yes, alledgedly they do accept chick members now..but do they really? Do they? Come on. They don’t.) But not at Augusta National, where you can have a gold medal and pay $7,500 to not watch Tiger Woods, and you can’t even bring in Baja Fresh. Rules are rules is the number 1 rule at Augusta. They are the racist old grandma at the dinner table who goes on and on about how computers are pointless. And it’s so endearing but after like 30 minutes of it, all you want to do is be anywhere else.


PS: Restaurants that serve quesadillas without guacamole just want to watch the world burn.


PS: Bode Miller’s wife is deec.

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PS: Would love to try me a Masters chicken biscuit.

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