The Colts Sign Deion Branch

ESPN BostonThe Indianapolis Colts agreed to terms with veteran wide receiver Deion Branch, less than one week before they play Branch’s former team in the playoffs. The 34-year-old, one-time Super Bowl MVP last played in 2012, when he caught 16 passes for 145 yards in 10 games with the New England Patriots.

This is what passes for gamemanship in Indy now?  This is the best you’ve got, Jim Irsay?  Signing a guy the Patriots cut like 17 receivers ago?  Is this it?  Is this all you can conjure, Saruman? How the mighty have fallen.  It wasn’t all that long ago when the Colts trying to play head games with the Pats meant piping in extra crowd noise into that goofy dome.  Or getting the Competition Committee to make it against the rules to defend Colts receivers.  Or signing a legend like Adam Vinatieri.  Hell, I still remember them picking up Dan Klecko and him catching a TD pass to win the AFC Championship Game in ’06.  That hurt.  This is just pathetic.  And coming on the heels of their defense getting shredded by Alex fricking Smith and Andrew Luck throwing 3 picks in the biggest game of his life, it stinks way more of desperation than psychological warfare.  Of course it’s early in the week.  So by game time I suppose they’ll have added Troy Brown, David Givens and David Patten too.  So good luck with that.  Just having someone on your roster who knows the Pats offense doesn’t mean you can stop it.  @JerryThornton1

PS.  Brandon Spikes is done for the year.  Ho hum.  Another week, another insurmountable injury to overcome.  And the Lombardi IV Express will keep right on rolling.