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So Brady's Photo Might Just Be a Kobe Tribute?

So this, which created a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror, might actually be nothing more than this:

Nothing more than a tribute to Kobe Bryant, a fellow champion for whom Brady has eternal respect. Some he can relate to. A transcendent athlete who came from nothing and worked hard to perform at a high level in his profession for 20 years. Taken from a screen cap from this:

An ad which debuted ... right ... around the time ... of Kobe's last game. '

Therefore ... what, exactly? What am I supposed to take away from this? How does one interpret this piece of abstract art? He's paying homage to his late friend. He's embracing hate and winning over his detractors, the way Kobe did. He's showing he won't be defeated. He's walking away from the game. He's walking back toward the game. He's showing us how his eyes view the world through the prism of his tortured, genius soul in the same way Van Gogh painted "The Night Cafe" strictly from memory. He could be setting us up for a sales pitch for $7,500 watches or that designer coat. Or simply showing us how incredible his profile looks from behind in black & white. 

As always when I don't know what the truth is, I'll go with the option of believing what I want to believe. This is a memorial to Kobe and nothing more. That's how I'll sleep tonight.