Restaurant Kicks Out Woman For Drinking While Breastfeeding

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Chesapeake, Va. – A Labor Day family outing for dinner and drinks at Big Woody’s in Chesapeake has turned into a big social media mess. A mom seen with a shot and a beer while breastfeeding prompted patrons to complain. But when she was confronted by the manager and cashed out, the incident blew up on Facebook as a business “unfriendly to breastfeeding moms.” Crystal, a breast feeding mom, took to Facebook claiming the business gave her the boot because she bared her breast to feed her baby. “That treatment was wrong,” she said. Co-owner Jeff Leroy was out of town but says his manager told him it was less about breastfeeding and more about feeding the baby while also consuming alcohol. “It’s not easy to go and talk to someone and say you’re breastfeeding but you’re drinking too,” he says. Crystal admitted to NewsChannel 3 that she did have alcohol but that she didn’t plan on drinking it until after she was finished nursing. “I had a huge water I was downing. I had a beer and a shot of Fireball in front of me but that was for after I was done. And I had one sip of beer and I’m not planning on the rest until after I’m done nursing,” she said.  People on Facebook have taken to the restaurant’s page to air their feelings on the situation. Most of the posts are about the rights of mothers to breastfeed but not much is mentioned about the objections the patrons made about seeing a mother consume alcohol while breastfeeding. Needless to say, the posts have gotten very ugly on both sides. Crystal says she was told by the manager to be more discreet, so as far as she was concerned, breastfeeding was the only issue. “I said there is no law that says I can’t breastfeed and drink. I’m not doing anything wrong, and he then proceeded to say, you know what it’s also my right to refuse service. I’m going to be cashing you guys out, you can leave,” she says.

Everyone knows my feelings on the people who breastfeed in public. But the only thing I hate more than that are people on their high horse when it comes to alcohol. So in this case its one of those “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” situations. I gotta go to bat for this chick with her drunk ass titties. First of all we’re talking about a beer and a shot of fireball. Not like the chick was mainlining heroin right into her nipples or something. I’m not even so sure I believe the whole alcohol/breast milk thing. Just sounds like an urban legend. Something that dudes made up so that their wives wouldn’t come out to the bar with them after child birth. Like some doctor with a pregnant wife said that because for 9 months he got to go to the bar without her and he wanted to keep that going. “Uhhh you can’t drink while breast feeding either. Makes your titty milk alcoholic. I’m off the the bar see you later!”

Secondly, she says she was just saving it for later. Just had some beer and whiskey on deck. Whats the harm in that? And thirdly even if it does spike your breast milk and even if she was drinking, can you blame this chick? She’s got another person fucking CHEWING ON HER NIPPLES. I’m pretty sure I’d need a shot and a beer if someone was munching on my tits too. Sorry if Junior is gonna get a little buzz going. Sorry he’ll learn how to read in second grade instead of first but I’m gonna need some help here getting my nipples gnawed on at Big Woodys.