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Justin Bieber Has The Sauciest Mitts These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Dirty fuckin' dangles, boys. Dirty dirty dangles. 

Gretzky could never. Crosby could never. McDavid could never. You go up and down the list of the all-time greats to play this game and nobody can ever come close to having a softer pair of mittens on them than Justin Bieber. He's over here talking about everyone having a unique relationship with god but guess what? He is god. Or at least the Dangle God. 

Just look at those hands go to work. Soft hands, tight crossovers, eyes are up just waiting to snap off a quick tape-to-tape feed to spring someone on a breakaway. If I'm Jordan Binnington, I'm calling off this breakaway challenge before I end up getting Datsyuk'd to death by the Biebs. Do me a favor real quick and try to spot the difference between that Bieber post and anything you see in this video. 

Only thing I can come up with is that Datsyuk is a lefty and Bieber's a righty. 

"Is it too late now to say sorry?" - Binnington whenever this shit goes down. 

Bieber in 4.