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Kid Suing His Former High School For Not Getting Enough Playing Time On The Basketball Team

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Medina Gazette - A 2013 graduate of Medina High School is suing the school district and three staff members charging he unfairly was dropped by the basketball team after using Internet social media to complain about a lack of playing time. Chase Johanson, 19, of Medina, – now a high jumper at UNC-Wilmington- originally filed the lawsuit July 23 in Medina County Common Pleas Court, where it was assigned to Judge Christopher J. Collier. Named as defendants are Medina Schools; athletic director Jeff Harrison; Anthony Stacey, former high school basketball coach; and high school Principal Bryan Farson. The lawsuit asks for more than $75,000 in damages. Stacey declined to comment. Harrison also declined to comment, said Amy Busby, spokeswoman for the school district. Farson could not be reached for comment. The lawsuit argues Johanson’s First Amendment right to free speech and his 14th Amendment right to due process were violated when he was kicked off the basketball team in 2012. Johanson charged “his removal from the Medina High School Basketball Team in his senior year was a direct retaliation” for several messages posted on his Internet Twitter account. After a Dec. 14, 2012, game, Johanson tweeted from his private account, “Am I that bad that I can’t even play on a losing team?” According to court documents, Johanson did not get any playing time in the game the following day. He sent out two more private tweets: “At this point the trainer has been on the floor more than I have,” and “At least the Elyria and Brunswick coaches would take me to play basketball.” On Dec. 17 Farson contacted Johanson’s mother, Amelia Johanson, and told her Johanson would not be allowed to practice that day and that he no longer was allowed to be on the team. Johanson and his mother met with Farson in May 2013 and asked why Johanson’s private tweets were being treated differently than other negative Tweets from other students, according to court documents. “This lawsuit has never been about playing time,” Amelia Johanson said Thursday. “The issue was how the administration handles discipline with a policy that doesn’t exist.”

Always blows my mind when I see stories like this. How on earth any kid can think this is a good idea is flat out baffling. I don’t care how much you hate the coach. I dont care how much your parents are forcing you to do this. Suing your coach/school/team because you got cut or don’t get any burn is hands down the most pathetic thing you can do. Its such a horrendous idea I can’t even begin to understand the upside. Trade away any semblance of pride and self respect for 75 grand? This seems like a good idea to you? Become the outcast pussy who sues other people because you suck. Get people fired or drag their name through the mud all because you didn’t get any minutes and complained about it like a little girl on twitter. I just honestly cannot comprehend how anyone thinks this is a reasonable course of action.

The reality is, pal, not everyone is good at sports. Thats not the coach’s fault or the school’s fault. Fuck thats not even necessarily your “fault.” Like yea of course you could practice harder and get better but the fact of the matter is some people just ain’t born to be basketball players. For fucks sake this kid went on to be a high jumper at UNC Wilmington. Like you’re still a college athlete, dude. Basketball just wasn’t your thing. Go run track at college, fuck smokes at UNC-W, and stop being the 19 year old asshole suing your high school basketball coach because you couldn’t make a lefty layup and never saw the court.