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Latest Trend On Twitter? #HotSmartGirlsAgainstSocialism

We don't really do politics here. The good folks over at Hard Factor have all things 2020 covered for you if you want a humorous take on politics, but don't be looking for the blog to bring you presidential endorsements. As Michael Jordan has made clear, both Republicans and Democrats buy shoes. 

All that being said, there are some funny trends that emerge on social media that center around politics. The most recent is about socialism. 

Not only are these girls "hot" but they are also "smart." Their words...not mine. Some of them even feature pictures of these females with guns in their leggings:

The trend has taken over the hot/smart girl side of conversvative Twitter. 

I'd assume their DMs look like this at the moment:

Some of these individuals are even listing their qualifications:

Never a dull day on Twitter.